Terms and Conditions

The GetGenuine GetRewards™ rewards programme is governed by the terms and conditions as outlined herein (“Terms and Conditions”) and these Terms and Conditions replace all other terms and conditions. The Customer consents to the Terms and Conditions by the Merchant enrolling the Customer into the Programme as a Member.

The Merchant and the Member and GetGenuine GetRewards are bound by these Terms and Conditions as they relate to each of them individually and/or collectively. 

A. GetGenuine GetRewards operates and administers a rewards programme pursuant to which Customers of the Merchant gain Points in exchange for purchases from the Merchant. 

B. Once enrolled in the Programme the Customer becomes a Member and Points from Eligible Transactions are credited to the Member’s Account. 

C. The Customer wishes the Merchant to enrol the Customer into the Programme as a Member. 

D. The Member wishes to utilise and be party to the Programme and to obtain benefits offered by GetGenuine GetRewards, the Merchant and/or other participating merchants. 

E. An agreement between the Merchant and GetGenuine GetRewards (“the Agreement”) governs the provisions by which GetGenuine GetRewards provides and administers the Programme and by which the Merchant participates in the Programme.